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What is Carnival?

Carnival is a celebration that goes back all the way back to the dark ages, some even say to Roman times when people would celebrate the coming of Spring. In the most recent reason Carnival was the kick off for the Catholic period of Fasting where you weren't allowed to have any alcohol, meat or sex till Easter. The direct meaning of the name comes from the Latin words "Carne Vale" which translate to Goodbye Meat. In order to survive a long period without fun people celebrated Carnival and it quickly turned into a week-long frenzy of funny costumes, weird songs and big parades. Also known as the festival of the jester it is definitely an event everyone needs to experience at least once. 

With Yes-Trips we have set up trips to various Carnival destinations, with the biggest being the Carnival on Sunday to Maastricht, and on Rosenmontag (Monday) to Cologne.

The date of Carnival changes every year and in 2020 it will be from the 20th to the 25th of February

Across the Netherlands, buses will be departing to various Carnival destinations. You can find an overview of when we are leaving, and where from.

Known as the most traditional Carnival celebration of the Netherlands, with extravagant costumes, it is a must see. After exploring the oldest city of the Netherlands with a guided tour, stand back and watch the Carnival parade go through the city. Lastly, but not finally, it's time to partake in the street festivities held absolutely everywhere.

Departure cities: Amsterdam.

This is the biggest Carnival celebration in Western Europe and is proudly held in the city of Cologne. On the Neumarkt and Heumarkt thousands of people gather to sing the day away and enjoy themselves. 

Departing from Amsterdam, Maastricht.

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The Trips To Carnival

Sunday the 23rd of February: Carnival in Maastricht

Monday the 24th of February: Rosenmontag in Cologne

This event has been set up in cooperation with ISN Amsterdam, ESN Vu Amsterdam, and ISN Maastricht.

+500 People joined us in 2018

With 10 years of experience, Yes-Trips knows how to enjoy Carnival in the best way possible. Not sure what to expect? Watch our after movie to get a good idea!

One of the most fun events I saw during my exchange. Everyone is dressed up in the funniest costumes and has such a great time! Thanks Yes-Trips for showing me the best places to go.

Maddi (Australia)

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