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The Yes-Trips story

Yes-Trips started back in 2009 with a simple bucket list filled with unique trips. After an international exchange, and meeting a lot of international people who all talked about the unique events in their country, a few friends decided to scratch off the first event on that list namely: Oktoberfest. After doing all the research and preparations so many people wanted to join that they went with a full bus. During the first few years it remained a small student project in the city of Maastricht, aimed to help people experience epic trips and events. Finally in 2014 the company Yes-Trips is born.

In 5 years more than 30 000 students joined on various adventures like Carnival, Oktoberfest, Springfest, many city trips and even study trips for various study associations. After the successful experiment in Maastricht, Yes-Trips quickly launched into Amsterdam and steadily grew in more cities. Even though the organization grew, the mission stayed the same: to take people on unforgettable experiences they won’t forget for the rest of their lives.

In 2019 around 8000 students will travel with Yes-Trips. With our partners we make sure that international exchange students and regular students have an amazing time and explore the best that Europe has to offer..

Our Team

Since the start Yes-Trips has been gathering amazing people to organize these amazing trips. During the trips they will make sure you go from point A to B safely while trying to give you a great time. While every team member loves to travel and explore new destinations, they are also outgoing and friendly. Feel free to get in touch with them as they will be more than happy to share some of the amazing stories with you.

Yuri Jacobs

Big Boss

Nicki Taeymans

Little Boss

Stean The Machine

Sips coffee

Daniella Bachour

Who knows what she does?

Reinier Bierkens

The intern that never left


Resident Dj

Pieter Roeland

Can't drink Tequila

Karel Zwetsloot

The 2nd Zwetsloot generation

Sammie Barends

Wannabe city tour expert

Illya Jacobs

Crazy runs in the family

Dorostella Milanova

Marketing intern

Hugo Zwetsloot

The 1st Zwetsloot generation

Max Sanders

Can wink but can't juggle

Hidde van den Heuvel

Spirit animal: sloth

Charles Springuel

Cameron Sammut

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Sometimes drinks water

Terez Vondrova

Life is your own party!

Gijs van Ierssel

Office sweetheart

Alicia Draaisma

Beer's cheaper than therapy

Albert Vijghen

"I love quotes" - Albert

Lola Caballero Marin

Lolita, La Guapita

Ricardo Moliner

The boat maker

Pepijn Aerden

Inspire before we expire

Sean Mc Laughlin

Yes-Trips' leprechaun

Sergio van Oord

Snowboard expert...not

Claudia Deken

Hold my beer

Ramona Mantromovica

Actual city tour expert

Marit Storm

Our crafty guide

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