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Go on the most unique Lustrum trip ever!

Visit one of the craziest events in the world for your Lustrum. 

Your Lustrum should be something special, so why not visit one of the most unique and crazy events in the world? Here is just a small list of suggestions and a lot more is possible!

What kind of Lustrum Trips do we offer?

Bavarian culture is all about enjoying good food, beer and singing songs together, just like one should during their birthday or Lustrum. Nobody will forget the day they spent at Oktoberfest. 

Carnival in Rio

If there is one country in the world that knows how to party, it has to be Brazil. Especially during Carnival, people dance samba out on the streets for days .

Carnival happens from the 20th of February to the 25th, with the main day being the 25th of February.

Love a good food fight? Then you will absolutely enjoy Tomatina.  20 000 People throw around 100 000 kilo of tomatoes at each other in a tiny village north of Valencia. Better wear your swimming goggles 

Holi Festival in India

The Holi festival is also known as the festival of colour or the festival of Love as it is meant to fix broken relationships and banish evil from the world. And what better way to do that by throwing flashy colours at each other?

In 2019 the Holi festival will be on the 9th of March.

Spring Break in Florida

The parties during Spring Break in Florida at some point became so infamous, MTV had to dedicate a tv-show on it. During multiple months people from all over the USA go to Mexico or Florida to go crazy.

Spring Break happens during February, March and April.

Chinese New Year

Every year more than 1200 international students go from the Netherlands to Prague for a weekend filled with tours, activities and parties.  

25th of January.

Cinco de Mayo in Mexico

For various student and study associations and ESN sections we have set up complete city trips. Think of cities like Krakow, Prague, Paris, Budapest and much more. You just name the city and we will put an amazing city trip together for you!

Any time.

Mardi Grass in New Orleans

If it is your birthday, you have to celebrate! For various large student associations Yes-Trips has set up a massive trip to celebrate their Lustrum. Think of the Lustrum of Ceres to Brussels (600 participants) or Olof to Leuven (500 participants)

On request.

A Full Moon party in Thailand

Every full moon the islands of Thailand explode during the parties held there. Especially on Kho Pangan hundreds of people walk around the beaches with buckets of booze dancing the night away at the various bars.

Every full moon cycle.

Saint Patrick's Day in Dublin or Boston

Turn the city green and fill it with laughter and drinks, that is the idea of Saint Patrick's Day. Gather around for the big parade with thousands of people as it will be a day to remember.

Saint Patrick's Day is held every year on the 17th of March.

Every year on the last Wednesday of August.

The birthday of your study association is something to celebrate and should be special. Yes-Trips can help you set up a completely personalised trip for you and your association to enjoy and discover.

Study associations

After saving up for 5 years your group of close friends wants to travel someplace unique and go on an adventure. Instead of going on a basic backpack trip or travel to a touristic hotspot, why not visit the craziest events in the world? It will be an experience to remember forever!

Sororities and fraternities

Your Lustrum is supposed to be something special and Yes-Trips can make it exactly that! For both small and large groups we have set up various trips and even festivals going all over the world, all tailor made to the wishes of your association. Is your Lustrum coming up? Let's have a cup of coffee or a beer!

Student Associations

What kind of Lustrum Trips do we offer?

We organise these trips for various groups or individuals. From small fraternities or sororities, to large associations.

Examples: Olof, Ceres (500 participants), Skadi (300 participants)...

Examples: SSW Leiden, SV Exploratio, SV Nucleus....

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